March 1, 2022

LTR no longer requires masks onsite, however if you prefer that your instructor/volunteer team do so, please ask.

LTR follows CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Guidelines with regard to isolation and quarantine periods. Link:

During Lessons – no mask required. If you ask, we’ll mask!

If you have any concerns about masking, please call the office at 703-771-2689.

Any other questions about LTR’s COVID-19 Policy may be directed to the instructor or call the office at 703-771-2689.

All individuals must sign the COVID-19 Waiver:


Who can I talk to if I have questions, comments, or concerns about our slow phased approach to re-opening or other COVID-19 policies and procedures?

You are always welcome to contact us via phone at 703-771-2689 or email at When you are scheduled to be on property, there will be staff available to welcome you, listen to you and answer your questions. 

Will there be disposable masks available?

We will do our best to keep a stock of disposable masks, but please remember that everyone must wear a mask while at LTR.

How has Loudoun Therapeutic Riding been doing financially since the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since closing our doors for 3 and a half months since March we have experienced a significant loss of income.  A gift of any amount will help us carry our mission forward to provide the healing power of horses to those in our community who need it mostWe are stronger together! You can give today via our COVID-19 relief donation page: Click Here

Do I need to purchase my own helmet?

We strongly recommend purchasing your own helmet, but if you are unable to do so LTR helmets will be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Helmets can be purchased at Dover Saddlery or Another Turn Tack starting at around $40.

I'm new, when can I register to get started at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding?

We are scheduling visits and initial evaluations by appointment only.  If you are interested in programming please contact us at 703-771-2689.

Can my family or friends come watch me?

Family members and friends may accompany students to the barn and watch the lesson from the designated observation area.  Masks are required of all family, friends or visitors. 

When can I start volunteering again?

Volunteers are slowly resuming their valuable service to the LTR community. Please contact us for more information. 

How many horses are at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding right now, and how are they doing?

While some of our services have had to take a ‘reincheck’ during the pandemic, the daily care of our 12 on property horses and ponies has not. They have been receiving their regular veterinary and hoof care as well as getting exercise by our LTR staff to be ready for lessons to begin. You can assist us with their care by making a donation of any amount by clicking here.  

What will be the mask policy at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding?

Our independent students will wear a mask on arrival, then masks may be removed after mounting and the instructor has moved to the center of the arena. 

All staff and volunteers will wear masks when interacting closely with students (closely meaning within 6 feet).  Masks may be removed during the teaching portion of lesson when in center of arena.

Will travel and going on vacation affect my ability to return to LTR?

At this time, there are no mandatory quarantine policies in place after vacations or travel.