• CARE: Courage, Acceptance, Respect, Empowerment
  • PATH International
  • Horses touch places of hope and healing that are difficult to reach in children with challenging life experiences and related mental health concerns. The LTR team is incredibly skilled at facilitation a relationship between the child and the horse that capitalizes on a child’s strengths and moves them forward in a way the reignites that hope.

    —Jacquelyn Hollman, Clinical Psychologist

2019 Board of Directors

*Reggie Howard
President of the Board of Directors
Director Government Relations
BAE Systems, Inc.

**Carol Brooks
Treasurer of the Board of Directors
Adjunct Instructor, Georgetown University
Hospitality Industry Senior Executive

*Joe Cummings
District Sales Manager Amgen, Oncology Business Unit

**Don Dechow
Retired IT/Telecom Executive

Maggie Johnston
Sona Bank



* Parent of Rider & Participant
**Program Volunteer