We partner with senior assisted living communities and the Leesburg Senior Center to provide equine assisted activities to address the unique needs of our county’s senior citizens who may or may not be in residential care, rehab facilities, or other long-term care settings. Equine assisted activities can help seniors reconnect with memories, improve fine motor function and provides a fun new opportunity for social interaction!

Program participants/participants’ facilities will need to:

  • Provide their own transportation to LTR facilities
  • Provide any food for clients as needed.
  • Complete necessary paperwork including an application/waiver form prior to arrival
  • Assist LTR in assessing outcomes or providing feedback as necessary

Benefits may include:

  • Improved physical strength & gross motor function, range of motion
  • Improved fine motor function
  • Increases in social engagement/smiling, laughing, conversation
  • Reconnecting with memories
  • Increases in motivation to participate in community activities
  • Enhanced recall, short-term memory
  • Improved emotional & mental health
  • Easing of symptoms of Alzheimer’s or related dementia