Can you put the pieces together and count how many polka dots are in the picture?

Jolie is having a beach day! How many seashells did she collect? Can you put the puzzle together and count them?

Teddy loves to go on trail rides! Where does Teddy want to take his next adventure?

Gnomeo, our smallest pony, was named the PATH International Region 3 Equine of the Year! Put his puzzle together and count the flowers!

Gable is enjoying the sunshine! How many birds are enjoying the sunshine with him?

Duke loves driving through the flowers! Put this puzzle together to see all the flower varieties!

Horses love apples and carrots! Put Duke’s puzzle together to count how many he would like to eat!

Awesome Art loves bananas! How many bananas does Art want to eat?

Sheriff Bojangles and Cowgirl Heather are wandering the wild west! Put their puzzle together to see what they’re up to!