21 year old 15 hand quarter horse gelding

Yogi is a 22 year old quarter horse who is greatly enjoying “retirement” at LTR. Before he became a member of the herd here, Yogi had a long and illustrious career as a fox-hunter, event horse and pony club mount. He earned many accolades during these years including taking his junior rider to many successful pony club ratings and rallies and was often the trusty mount that other riders would borrow if their mount was unable to go. He evented successfully through Training level. His most noteworthy accomplishment came in 2016 when he won the Junior North American Field Hunter Championship.

More important than any of these achievements is how kind and generous and gentle Yogi is. Once he understands what is being asked of him, he always does his best to comply. His owner (Wendy Behm) owes him a debt of gratitude for keeping both herself and her daughter safe for so many years in so many circumstances.

In case you were wondering about his cute little teddy bear ears (hence the bar name Yogi) he was foaled on the range in South Dakota in March and it is VERY cold out there. Can you guess what happened? Yogi’s show name is Color Me Blue. He is thriving in his new home at LTR and is always happy to receive treats and give kisses.