LTR Volunteer Spotlight - Julia with Simba

Volunteer Spotlight

Lisa Robinson – owner of Lovesome Photography in Leesburg is our outstanding 2015 Adult Volunteer of the Year. Lisa-Robinson-Gesina-Meynier-Font She starting volunteering early in 2012 and has since donated hundreds of hours assisting in lessons, photographing and exercising our therapy horses and spreading her positive around the barn!  Here’s what Lisa says about her experiences…. “If I’m not in the photo studio, head to the nearest horse farm and I’ll likely be there!  I’ve been in love with horses since knew what a horse was have been riding for over 20 years now.  A few years ago I found and fell in love with LTR where I volunteer most of my free time.  I get to help use horses in therapies for some amazing kids and adults with a wide range of physical, cognitive disabilities. I’m lucky that my job fills me with love and joy from so many happy couples AND my free time is filled with such love & joy as well!” — Lisa   Julia Fugate is Teen Volunteer of The Year 2015!   Caitlin-and-Julia LTR Volunteer Spotlight - Julia with Simba